Lanac nautičkih centara

Marine Center Offer

Nautical center is a place where a mariner and the natural and cultural heritage of Croatian islands meet.
The goal is to offer all the services exactly in that meeting place, openly and harmoniously with an integrated approach, and to create an extraordinary experience for all senses of a demanding visitor.
Besides providing the highest standards of quality in services offered in a nautical centre, we also bring to you authentic cultural background and spiritual heritage that will symbolicaly be represented in those centres.


  • vessels supply
  • training and education
  • interventions at sea
  • boat charter with crew
  • sport, recreation, culture, entertainment, excursions
  • wellness, cosmetics, health care – transport seaplanes

Marine center offerings

  • floating gats
  • reception
  • uredi
  • sanitary works
  • restaurants
  • classrooms
  • aparthotels
  • recreational and medical programs
  • pools


  • small restaurants local spirit
  • island delicacies and specialties of Dalmatian kitchen
  • certified foods
  • authentic drinks and sweets


  • own production of food
  • wine, cheese, olive oil, ham, vegetables …
  • island souvenirs
  • energy
  • renewable sources
  • beauty products